How to Protect Hiking Boots Properly Before Setting Out On Your Outdoor Adventures

Shoe Waterproofer for your hiking boots

A good pair of hiking boots is like an old friend. You can turn to them and know they will always be there for you, in fact the longer you have them, the more comfortable they’re likely to become! So when the time comes that you have to replace your hiking boots, it can be a bit of a blow. Trying to find a pair that were as comfortable is always difficult, but when you do, it’s important to look after them properly in order to get those extra months and years out of them. They’re an important investment so treat them as such!

When it comes to buying a new pair of boots, there is no ‘one best set’, as it’s definitely a case of different shoes for different people. The thing that matters most though is comfort. A comfortable pair of hiking boots will last you years, and the more you wear them the better the fit will become, so when you’re trying on new boots make sure they fit well. This means that you should always take a pair of hiking socks with you specifically for using when you’re trying on the new shoes! Once you’ve found that pair, then wear them around the house for a few days to really get a feel for them.

Extend your shoe’s longevity with proper shoe care

Now, before you take them out for their test run you need to make sure they’re prepped for the outdoors as well. Proper shoe care is imperative if you’re planning on getting the most use out of your boots possible, and with such a big investment, the longer they last the better the value for money! Waterproofing your shoes is the first big step and can not only help to keep your shoes pristine but also do wonders for your feet. If you’re big into long treks then you’ll already be well aware of how much pain wet feet can get you into so it’s not worth the hassle. Getting a good quality shoe waterproofer is key and fairly simple to apply and it is absolutely well worth the hassle!

Don’t forget to get yourself a top of the range shoe brush, too. Shoe brushes help with all aspects of cleaning your boots and keeping them in tip top shape. There’s nothing more important than keep your shoes clean and watertight, this will save you so much money down the line on having to buy new boots. It might sound like money wasted but proper shoe care is an important factor in getting yourself out and about into nature!


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