Steps To Condition And Waterproof Leather Shoes And Leather Products

Leather shoes have been around for thousands of years. They are as popular today as they have ever been and so maintaining the leather, in order to keep it as new and pristine as possible, should be a high priority when thinking purchasing anything made of leather. There are many ways one can go about maintaining your prized pair of leather shoes. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the ways you can protect your leather and make them last a lifetime.

Knowing the types of leather you own

There are many different products out there on the market for protecting the leather. This is because there are also many different kinds. Leather can be manipulated in various ways to create different effects. So when approaching the care for leather, you should first consider what type of leather it is. Full grain or smooth? Corrected grain or split leather? Knowing the type you own will help in finding which product will work best for you.

How to apply a leather cleaner?

The first line of defense against ruined leather is simply giving your items a good brush and wipe every so often. This will help remove unwanted dust or dirt. Polishing leather is also a good idea for maintaining the look and making it shine like new. Over time, repeated polishing though, as well as dust build up, can create grease and oils within the leather. Leather cleaners will help solve this problem. Finding the best leather cleaner should be taken with care, as products that contain alcohol or other abrasive substances can be harmful to the leather in the long run. To use, add a small amount to a cloth and gently wipe down the leather. After this, using a dry cloth or rag, remove any excess cleaner found and you’re done.

A good leather conditioner is key!

The next step in long term care is using a leather conditioner. Leather is susceptible to drying over time. A good conditioner will add moisture back into the leather, allowing the quality to remain soft and bright for longer. The best way to use conditioner is lightly using a cloth to apply. Repeat once a month and your leather items should stay fresh and new.

The enemy of most shoes is bad weather and leather is no exception. When winter rolls around, taking care of your leather is a must. Leather waterproofing products are available and will protect the quality of the leather from rain, snow and ice. Using a leather sealant will also protect your shoes from drying out in the months of summer, when moisture can escape due to the higher temperature.

Leather items can be prized possessions, due to their quality and price, and we want them to stay as perfect as the day we bought them for as long as possible. Regular care of your leather, using leather cleaners, leather conditioners and leather protectors, as well as owning a good shoe brush, will ensure your leather is as good as new for many years to come.

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